For a great day at work


In our business the strongest muscle is a compassionate heart. That’s why we care about tiny little problems as much as bigger challenges. We guarantee our equipment never fails.

Congratulations Michal Oktabinski from Poland!

A picture sent by Michal Oktabinski from Poland took first prize in Cramo’s international creativity challenge.

We have great people and great service to give you a great day at work.
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We are always helpful


Our passion is to set new service standards for the whole rental business. We believe in a compassionate heart and genuine listening. We are willing and able to solve any causes of dissatisfaction regardless the size of the problem. That is one of our ways of recognizing your needs and priorities, getting detailed information from you – and building a confidential relationship between us.

We are always on time

We are always on time

We know that a construction site is a puzzle where any delay is unacceptable. As time is money and money is the tool for profitability, it really is crucial to get everything done in time. We have unique routines and measures to be reliably on time. And in case we would happen to be one minute late or one hose short – we’ll take the responsibility.

We are always there for you


High quality equipment is the very core of the credibility of our business. Additionally we have a revolutionary on-site support system designed to minimize the risk for potential equipment failure. Whether we talk about hand-held tools or heavy machinery we have the industry’s most reliable support system for fixing or substituting equipment whenever needed.


It’s all about commitment.

Cramo is not afraid of challenges, no matter the size. We are committed to raising the standards of the rental business, and we do so in partnership with our customers. It’s the promise we give you and it will be based on the feedback you give us.